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A student's capacity for meaningful creativity and expression is an essential component of arts education at Hillside.

Studio Arts

Each student completes one term of art per year, and also has the opportunity to sign up for the Art Lab during a flexible time, at any point during the school year. Through Art, our boys develop a keen sense of observation and the opportunity to uncover, perhaps for the first time, their creative aptitude. They discover, through various mediums, a variety of techniques that expand on their knowledge and understanding of the creative process. So, whether it is through painting or learning how to make a perfectly centered bowl on the pottery wheel, our students experience a sense of achievement while refining their own personal aesthetic.

Performing Arts

All students are required to develop their musical knowledge and appreciation through a trimester of music each year. The curriculum ranges from projects on great composers to the development of musical compositions using programs such as Garage Band. Students also have the opportunity to try various instruments and can further pursue their interest in music through individual music/vocal lessons, pep-band, drama, and choir.

Participation in the Hillside School Spring Drama Production enables students to learn and practice acting, singing and stage production.

The Hillside Curriculum

Dive into our curriculum by subject and grade level.

Curriculum Overview

Tutorial Program

Learn how Hillside students gain valuable support in key academic areas.

Tutorial Program

Athletics at Hillside

Dive into our curriculum by subject and grade level.

Athletics Program