Tutorial Program

Tutorial SessionAt Hillside School’s Wick Tutorial Center, students gain valuable support in key academic areas. Tutorials are offered in Language Arts, Math, Foundations of Language, Organization, and Social Skills. The small tutorial class size of two to four students enables the learning specialists to tailor their approach to the individual’s unique strengths and challenges. Tutorials are offered two times a week during the student’s Flex periods, ensuring that the students do not miss critical work in their core classes. The learning specialists collaborate with classroom teachers to integrate skills and topics from the core curriculum into tutorial sessions. The use of multi- sensory techniques and differentiated instruction gives each student the best opportunity to optimize their chances for success. Tutorials also help each student enhance his executive function and develop a foundation of organized thinking and literacy strategies that can be applied to all subjects. These key elements of of the Tutorial Center reflect Hillside'’s commitment to serving the needs of diverse learners.

Language Arts

This tutorial focuses on developing each student’s reading and writing skills. It emphasizes active reading strategies such as predicting, questioning, making inferences, drawing conclusions, and visualizing. This tutorial also emphasizes other strategies that improve reading comprehension. The tutorial program follows the writing process, which includes brainstorming ideas related to a topic, organizing ideas using graphic organizers, writing rough drafts, revising, editing, and presenting a final draft. Sentence development, the structure of paragraphs and essays, grammar, and vocabulary are also essential parts of this tutorial.


The goal of the Math Tutorials is to support and enhance understanding and ability in mathematics. A multi-sensory teaching approach is used. During the Tutorials, the students follow a syllabus, which either parallels or enhances the topics being covered in their regular math lessons. All the Math Tutorials emphasize logic and a step-by-step process.


The Organization Tutorial provides students with structured and systematic support to develop and hone their metacognitive awareness (learning how they learn) and executive function, so they can apply appropriate study strategies to academic tasks. Students learn how to manage their materials and time effectively, and develop study strategies as well as organized thinking.

Foundations of Language

Foundations of Language (FOL) is offered in two sections and meets four times each week in place of a foreign language.

  • The first is an intensive reading course that focuses on phonics and vocabulary, comprehension strategies and fluency. In addition, the mechanics and development of writing are addressed.
  • The second is an intensive writing course that provides in-depth instruction following the writing process from brainstorming to the final draft. Sentence development, the structure of paragraphs and essays, grammar, and vocabulary are also essential parts of this tutorial.

Study strategies in time management, test-taking skills, materials management, and organized thinking are an essential part of each Foundations of Language class.

Social Skills

The Social Skills Tutorial is designed to help boys better navigate their social environments. While the Tutorial is shaped by the specific needs of the class members, it generally focuses on peer interactions, awareness of feelings, effective management of frustration, conflict resolution, and building self-esteem.