2016-2017 Tuition and Fees

Hillside School charges the following in Tuition depending on the status of the student. In addition, there is an allowance fee that is used for our Shades of Blue system. Boarding students also have laundry fees. This is mandatory for 7 Day Boarders and optional for 5 Day Boarders.

Day Student5 Day Boarder7 Day Boarder
Allowance Fee$500$500$750
Laundry Fee-$975 (Optional)$975

As a supplement to standard tuition fees, Hillside offers Tutorials in several subjects including Foundations of Language, Language Arts, Math, Organization and Social Skills. In addition, Hillside offers ESL classes, Business English classes (for international students with advanced English Language skills) and Enrichment Tutorials for gifted students.

Language Arts Tutorial (each)$2,105
Foundations of Language Tutorial (4 sessions per week)
Math Tutorial (each)$2,105
Social Skills Tutorial (each)$2,105
Organization Tutorial (each) $2,105
Enrichment Tutorial (each)$2,105
ESL (4 sessions per week)$7,000
Advanced Transition English (4 sessions per week)$5,000

To support our International Programs, Hillside charges a fee that subsidizes both our ESL faculty and international programs, such as the International Cafe, along with administrative costs associated with international applicants.

International Fee $2,500

Tuition Payment

Upon enrollment, Hillside requires a 10% nonredundable deposit. The remainder of the tuition bill is due in full by August 1st. Alternatively, domestic families may choose to enroll in the SMART Tuition Payment Plan which allows payments to be spread over a period of up to 10 months.

SMART Tuition Enrollment Form

Tuition Refund Plan

Hillside offers a self-insured Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) available for all families. The TRP allows for the reimbursement of between 50-75% of unused academic year tuition depending upon the category of withdraw or dismissal.

Tuition Refund Plan Terms and Conditions