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Varsity Soccer: Rex Osae, Whitney Kelly

JV Soccer: Max Brown, Drew Ritter

3rds Soccer: Stephen MacDonald, Adam Levine

Golf: Tanner Church, Hilary Sexton

Intramurals: Tom Lanciani, Charlie Cox, Mike Rowlett

Cross Country: Hallie Lord, Sean Kelly, Jori Breite

Eco Team: Jennifer Mitton

iLab: TBD

Sailing: Carlie Krakoff, Eric Plickert


Varsity Hockey: Jaymie Harrington, Paul Falanga

Varsity Development Program: Matt Tuller, Jeremy Wilson

Skiing & Snowboarding: Carlie Krakoff, Eric Plickert, Pat Lydon

Varsity Basketball: Will Norris, Hector Heredia

JV Basketball: Mike Brown, Ryan Giggi

Thirds Basketball: Mike Brown, Ryan Giggi

Wrestling: Chris Morgan, Dan Moulton

Band: Sean Kelly, Adam Levine

Eco-Team: Jennifer Mitton

iLab: TBD


Varsity Baseball: Craig Evans, Will Norris, Pat Lydon

JV Baseball: Ryan Giggi, Mike Rowlett

Track & Field: Alex Ribeiro, Max Brown, Hector Heredia

Tennis: Rex Osae, Paul Falanga

Rec Tennis: Jaymie Harrington

Varsity Lacrosse: Tanner Church, Matt Tuller

JV Lacrosse: Jori Breite, Drew Ritter

Eco-Team: Jennifer Mitton

Intramural: Charlie Cox, Whitney Kelly

iLab: TBD

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