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Student Leadership

There are many opportunities for students to have leadership roles at Hillside in all areas of interest (athletics, farm, chapel, technology, etc.).

The student leadership program at Hillside helps students to be strong, respectful and effective leaders in their community, on the athletic field, in the classroom, in the dorm, in their place of worship and anywhere else that they may find themselves.

Student leaders exemplify the five core values of the school, assist with campus events such as Registration Day and Spring Fling, lead lunch programs, assist in the library, contribute to the chapel program, and are ever-present reliable resources and role models for their peers.

Becoming a Student Leader

Each year, students may apply for a leadership position (prefect, proctor, or assistant proctor) for the following year. The selection process is composed of an application review, student interviews with program administrators and, if a student is applying for a prefect position, an interview with the Headmaster. Throughout the year, students who have shown great leadership within the community may be awarded with a leadership position. This includes new students who were not on campus for the application process.


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