As the most important presence in their sons' lives, parents play a key role in the student experience at Hillside. We understand that whether a boy is a day student or lives on campus seven days a week, his parents need to feel informed and up to date on his progress. Student advisors serve as the primary point of contact between parents and Hillside, offering bi-weekly updates on both academics and conduct (through the Shades of Blue system) and ensuring that parent questions or concerns are quickly and thoroughly addressed. Beyond the valuable advisor-family connection, parents are encouraged to engage with the Hillside community during events throughout the school year, through visits to campus, or by cheering on our athletic teams, home or away.

Hillside is fortunate to have a parent group that makes giving back a priority. Parent volunteers contribute their time to make life at Hillside even more fun. Teacher appreciation, our annual Spring Fling event, and parent bonding opportunities are all volunteer driven and rely on parent support. To find out more about getting involved, contact Parent Volunteer Coordinator Jessica Heinzer (Greyson ‘18).