Dining Services

What we eat affects everything: our mood, behavior, health and growth. With so many health problems linked to food, it is only natural to be concerned with what we eat. At Hillside, teaching does not stop when the boys leave the classroom. I feel educating them about what they eat is just as important as any subject they study in class.

– Brendan Gallagher, Head Chef

Community Lunch Program

Each weekday, the Hillside community - students and employees alike, along with any visitors to campus - gathers together for lunch. All tables are occupied by both students and adults which allows members of all corners of the community to get to know each other. This time of unity promotes students' self-confidence and communication skills. Besides learning manners and the art of conversation, our boys experience the importance of responsibility, as each student takes a turn at being the waiter at his table.

Daily lunches are opened with a short program where a student, guest, or faculty member will talk to the community about a topic of interest. Participation in the program is encouraged by both students and adults.

Meet the Chefs

Brendan GallagherJohn HinsonMary Garofoli
Ed DeOliveira

Brendan Gallagher
Head Chef
John Hinson
Mary Garofoli
Ed DeOliveira