Food Closet Policy

In addition to our commitment to serving nutritious meals within the dining hall, we at Hillside are also committed to encouraging healthful eating habits within the dorms. That being said, our Food Closet Policy serves to assist students to make healthful snacking choices. As a complement to this policy we provide ongoing nutritional education to students throughout the year in an attempt to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of healthful eating.

The goal of this healthy snacking initiative is not to punish the boys or impose harsh restrictions, but to educate and encourage all of our boys to make healthy and informed nutrition decisions. There will certainly be many occasions throughout the year when students are provided with opportunities to indulge in some of the less healthy snack options (e.g., students are provided with desserts at almost every lunch and dinner). It is our hope that this new policy will serve to foster in each of our students an appreciation for healthy snack foods as well as an appreciation for the value of healthful eating.

Below is a list of unhealthy snacks that are not permitted in students’ food closets:
  • candy of any type
  • donuts
  • potato chips and similar snacks
  • any food items that contain trans fats
  • soda of any type
  • sports drinks (sugar-free drinks will be permitted)
  • juice that contains added sugar
  • energy drinks

Examples of healthy snack options:
  • yogurt (low sugar)
  • fruit - dried or fresh
  • vegetables (baby carrots, celery, etc)
  • dip -- hummus, bean, low-fat dressing
  • cheeses (individual serving)
  • peanut butter (if no peanut allergies present in student’s dorm)
  • pudding cups (low sugar)
  • applesauce cups
  • salsa
  • mac & cheese (single serve; whole grain is optimal)
  • rice bowls (whole grain is optimal)
  • jello cups
  • soups (single serving; low sodium is optimal)
  • seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, etc)
  • noodle bowls (low sodium is optimal)
  • oatmeal (single serving, low sugar is optimal)
  • trail mix (candy-free)
  • granola bars (options with whole grain and minimal added sugar/corn syrup are optimal)
  • fruit bars
  • cereals (single serving, low sugar)
  • popcorn
  • whole grain pretzels
  • mini whole grain bagels
  • whole grain crackers
  • baked pita chips
  • baked tortilla chips
  • 100-calorie pack cookies
  • whole grain fig bars
  • vanilla wafers
  • graham crackers
  • dried vegetable chips
  • whole grain english muffins
  • 100% fruit juice
  • sparkling water
  • sugar-free drinks