Medical Leave Policy

The treatment for certain medical and psychological conditions and behaviors are best handled outside the boarding School setting. Severe depression, eating disorders, suicide attempts, and substance abuse are examples of such conditions that generally require more treatment, support, supervision, and guidance than the boarding school can provide. In some situations, these conditions and behaviors may also create undue disruption in the classroom and the residential life of the school. Should such a situation arise, Hillside reserves the right to require a medical leave of absence. A voluntary or mandated medical leave of absence may be authorized by the Headmaster, the Dean of Students, and the Director of Health Services to address physical or emotional illnesses that in their judgment cannot be adequately treated in the School setting. These same officials will determine whether and under what conditions that student should return to the School.

Return from Medical Leave

Prior to a student's return to school, the Headmaster, the Dean of Students, and the Director of Health Services will determine the exact timing of that return. The student and his parents must provide the Director of Health Services with information and access to the treating professionals. The decision regarding return to school will be communicated to the student’s parents by the Dean of Students.

Students taking a medical leave of absence from school for a number of days for whatever reason should contact the Director of Health Services so proper supports can be put in place.