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iLab Explorers Summer Camp


Phone: 508-485-2824

Week 1: 4th - 6th Grade  July 22nd - July 26th 
Week 2: 7th - 9th Grade  July 29th - August 2nd 
Week 3: 5th - 8th Grade  August 12th - August 16th  

Hillside's state of the art Innovation Center (iLab) provides an interactive environment where campers can see and feel their ideas materialize in front of them. An open invitation for ideation and creation, campers will learn and be exposed to various STEM activities such as robotics, 3-D printing, laser cutting, and technological problem solving skills to broaden their digital knowledge base. 


The iLab Explorers Summer Camp is an overnight experience that introduces campers to the exciting world of innovation, technology, and hands-on experimentation through interactive workshops and activities. The iLab Explorers Camp is perfect for campers who want to spend extra time on a favorite activity and build skills in something new. Campers are able to explore new interests, learn new skills, and develop hobbies and enthusiasms in a positive and safe environment. The Innovation Center encourages camper to collaborate and generate ideas together as well as working collaboratively.  


Campers will be engaged in the Innovation Center all morning participating in various STEM Activities and then spend the afternoon participating in traditional camp activities (games, sports, swimming etc.) In the evening there will be an optional study hall session for campers who want extra time to work on projects, review concepts that were learned during the day, or engage in quiet study or reading. There will also be opportunities for some on campus fun such as movie nights, karaoke etc. 

iLab Explorers Summer Camp Sample Schedule

Cost and Registration