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The DAR and Hillside School: A Noble Partnership

Since 1925, the DAR and Hillside have had a strong and mutually beneficial relationship. Hillside is proud to be one of just six DAR approved schools in the country and the only northern school.

We are very grateful for the DAR's longtime support. DAR contributions each year enable us to balance our budget, enhance our program, and provide financial aid to boys who need us. The DAR has contributed to every aspect of our school -- The Farm, The Arts, Academics, Athletics, and Residential Life. For the DAR, Hillside helps the organization meet one of its primary goals, the promotion of education to worthy and needy young men, while providing an environment that encourages patriotism and family values for those students.

About Daughters of the America Revolution (DAR)

The DAR is one of the most unique and important groups of its type in America. More than 930,000 women have joined the organization since it was founded in 1890. They became members to honor their heritage as well as to make a difference in their communities across the country and the world. The DAR focuses on three primary areas of mission:

  • Historic Preservation
  • Education
  • Patriotism

Learn more about this unique group of people who have played a major role in securing and enhancing America's future.

Maintaining the Connection

There are many ways for Daughters to maintain connections to Hillside and to find out more information about the school. Our Director of DAR Relations, Richard Meyer, travels to state conferences and chapter meetings to tell the story of Hillside including its history and the latest developments on campus. Often he is able to bring students or alumni to offer their stories and perspectives on the school. If you would like information to distribute to your members about Hillside, this information flier may be helpful to you. Each year in May, usually on the second Wednesday, we host our annual DAR Day in which we welcome the Daughters for tours, presentations, and DAR Awards. For more information on how you can stay connected to Hillside, please contact our Director of DAR Relations, Richard Meyer at or (508) 481-4615

Supporting Hillside

DAR support for Hillside comes in many forms. Your support enables us to carry on our great work, and the need is ever present and growing. Gifts to the Annual Fund contribute to all aspects of the program. DAR Scholarship Awards are presented each May at our annual DAR Day and enable us to stay true to our mission and tradition of helping boys regardless of a family’s ability to pay. We also welcome gifts through our planned giving program.